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Cam Benefit Trust

Among the most unsung heroes of the film industry are the cameramen and their assistants who toil behind the scenes and produce wonderful images that play the most important role in the success of the film.For many years on end, when technology was highly undeveloped, directors had to depend purely on the visualizing capacity of these workmen to create the desired effects on their ancient equipment. These men were mostly self trained as there were hardly any formal training facilities available.Tremendous concentration was needed for the 1/50 second exposure that each frame needed within their camera and thereafter they had to undergo the suspense and anxiety waiting for the film to be developed to check the rushes. Further their work involved day and night duty, travel at short notice and untimely food intake and sleep timings. All these take a toll on their health and longevity of life.However, even after a lifetime of sweat and toil, they suffered from penury and insecurity in their advanced years and were a neglected lot. In the early 90s, it was decided to organize themselves to handle their financial problems.The CAM BENEFIT TRUST was started in the year 1995 with the aim of serving the long-term interests of cameramen and their assistants. Funds are raised with the help of doyens of the industry including leading artistes, producers, financiers and other worthy souls. Music programs and Star Nites are organized and funds are generated.

The funds are utilized for the purpose of helping those suffering from health problems including surgeries, medicine and hospitalization. Further educational loans for children of members are also disbursed.CAM BENEFIT TRUST took up the task of honouring technicians, not just cinematographers but also directors, artistes, films in five languages, namely, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada in a gigantic event entitled “SICA AWARDS”. Technicians of different crafts were the juries and the viewing and selections were done only by them.Even though the association had chalked up extensive plans to institute awards and celebrate in a humongous scale, they were impeded with a number of problems. It is quite a huge task to bring together diverse elements under one banner and get them to agree to common goals and objectives. But due to indefatigable work done by office-bearers, the event was rendered possible.SICA has instituted an award for the best Veteran Cinematographer for their invaluable contribution towards the field of Cinematography in yesteryears. Soon SICA will also honour them with “LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD’ in each language.

Birth of Trust

In 1994 11th September at the Executive Committee meeting of SICA the Decision of forming a Trust, and its Registration were discussed, after getting the draft from the Auditor. The Following Members were proposed and approved to form the board of Trustees.

  • P.N. Sundaram
  • N.S. Varma
  • Nambiraj
  • Hemachandran Chelur
  • Madhu Ambat
  • Saraoj Padhy
  • T.V.Soma Sundaram
  • G. Rajendran
  • Geroge Fernandes
  • B.Lokeswara Rao
  • G. Shiva

The first Six Names were suggested as members for Registering the TRUST.

The Trust Members for the Year 2001 – 2002

  • P.N. Sundaram
  • N.S. Varma
  • Saraoj Padhy
  • G. Shiva

Co-op Memebrs.

  • Mr. G.Rajendran
  • Mr. Babu (Anantha Krishnan)
  • Mr. K.S.Selvaraj
  • Mr. Raveendran
  • Mr. Bala Murugan
  • Mr. K.Raju

The Object of the Trust

The Trust deed was executed at Madras on 16th Day of March 1995 by

  • P.N. Sundaram
  • N.S. Varma
  • Nambiraj
  • Hemachandran Chelur
  • Madhu Ambat
  • Saraoj Padhy

As founder Trustees.
As desirous of creating a TRUST for General Charitable Purposes for the Benefit of all the People who are engaged in the Trade of Cinematography.
A sum of Rupees 2000/- Two Thousand Only Transferred in favour of the Trust

Name of the Trust shall be CAM BENEFIT TRUST

Cinematographers Association Members Benefit Trust

Providing Social Security to Cinematographers, Assistant Cinematographers, Who are Jobless Due to Acts of Nature and totally beyond their control. Providing Educational Scholarships to the Dependent Children of Cinematographers and Assistant Cinematographers.

Providing widow Pension of Maintenance to the dependants to Cinematographers and Assistant Cinematographers after the death of any such Cinematographers and Assistant Cinematographers. Any other charity which the Trustees may from time to time decide.

Vacancies in the Board of Trustees by Efflux of time or for any other cause shall be filled up by the Board who shall be the Appointing Authority. It shall be competent for the Board of Trustees to co opt any Pension or Pensions to Assist or advise them in Carrying on the Objects of the Trust.

The Trust May Receive donations of money / or properties both movable or Immovable but all such Moneys and properties when received shall vest in and will be at the absolute disposal of the Trust.

The Board shall have power to frame regulations and bylaws for the conduct of the Trust and Institutions. The Receipts and income of the Trust will be solely utilised towards objects and no Trustees will get any Benefits. The Benefit of the Trust is open to all irrespective of caste religion and Sex etc. Nominating New Trust Members.

Source: N.S.Varma

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